The Summerfield Community Service Program represents our belief that giving of one's self is an essential aspect of becoming a fully developed human being. Through participating in the larger community, high school students may grow in knowledge and understanding in many ways, by gaining:

- a broader understanding of community needs

- exposure of a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles

- experience in building connections and relationships

- practical skills in the working world

Because we consider it an essential part of a balanced education, community service credits are required for graduation.The 20 hours of community service per year which are required by students to graduate is recorded quarterly, which means that five hours are due at the end of each quarter to receive a complete transcript. Students are encouraged to do additional hours if interested.

The following activities are defined as community service:

1) Work for a recognized community service agency listed with the Volunteer Center or United Way.

2) Work with a recognized non-profit environmental organization or agency.

We are convinced that supporting people in need can broader our students’ horizons and foster selflessness.