Summerfield’s transitional and regular preschool programs strives to make the transition from home to school as gentle as possible by creating a classroom setting that feels homelike. As children begin to interact with their peers they naturally imitate the world around them. It is through active play with each other and work with their teachers and peers that these children develop a foundation for future learning.

The Transition from Roots and Shoots to the Rosebud Classroom: The Sweet Pea & Blossoms Programs

The Sweet Pea and Blossoms classes at Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm are designed to help young children (2-3 years of age) mature socially while meeting their changing needs. The children’s day will include creative play, learning about self care and toileting, story time and a healthy organic snack. The majority of the morning is spent outdoors in a natural setting specially designed for the young child.

  • Sweet Pea (offered 2 days/week)
    • For children age 2-2.5 years (who turn 3 after Jan 1st of the school year)
    • Offered Thursdays and Fridays from 9am-12pm
  • Blossoms – 2-Day program
    • For children age 2.5-3 years (who turn 3 after June 1st of the school year)
    • Offered Thursdays and Fridays from 9am-12pm
  • Blossoms – 3-Day program
    • For children age 2.5-3 years (who turn 3 after June 1st of the school year)
    • Offered Monday-Wednesday from 9am-12pm


The Blossoms 3-day program tuition for the 2022-23 school year is $7,730.00, and the 2-day Blossom and 2-day Sweet Pea programs tuition is $5,370.00.

Rosebud Preschool

The Rosebud Preschool “home” is designed to provide opportunities for the young child to recreate the activities of daily life that they witness every day. We have a bustling Sunshine Kitchen, with plates, pots and pans. Seashells and river stones serve as inspiration for many meals. Wooden stands, boards, play cloths and clips allow for construction projects of all kinds. Welders and electricians can fix any malfunctions that might arise! Kings and queens can adorn themselves with silks and crowns. The cozy corner allows little mothers and fathers to care for their “babies” with devotion and love. Less formed play things – like wool roving – have limitless potential for inclusion in play: frosting for your cupcakes anyone? Our toys are made of natural materials that are inviting to the touch; they stimulate the imagination, which in turn creates valuable play.

On bun day, our morning work includes the grinding of wheat, and the kneading of dough. On rice day, we stir and mix our sesames seeds to season our grain. Farm day chores include feeding the chickens and combing the bunnies’ soft, velvety coats. Every day the table must be set with our placemats, napkins and china cups. Our room is kept tidy and seasonally decorated too. We are joyfully busy with the care of our home at school.

Our outside play yard is blessed with many trees, a garden and pathways that wind from the sandbox to the swings and back to the wooden gate. There are flowers to care for and a wooden house that might be a carpentry shop, a horse barn or a bakery on any given day. Our big chair swing, our rainbow hammock and many leafy branches for climbing insure that we have plenty of space for quiet and reflection when needed. Tools for gardening, hauling, watering, raking and sweeping are always at hand. Our slide allows for lively games of train ride and sledding and our basket with pulley makes it possible to transport all kinds of treasures to the top of our play house!

Like traditional Waldorf Kindergartens, the Rosebud Preschool follows a rhythm of the day, week and year. Seasonal festivals such as our Harvest Tea and May Day Dance are favorites; birthday celebration days include special bouquets of flowers, a slightly sweet treat with our morning meal, and a wee gift for the celebrants. Language is joyfully developed through songs, circle games and stories. We sing sweet tunes throughout the day: during our morning greeting, at circle time, on walks, while working, and to bless our meal. Through storytelling and puppet shows, the child’s world expands and the imagination is kindled. Through all of their experiences at the Rosebud classroom, the children come to know that the world is a good place to be and that we are ever so happy that they are here!

Rosebud Hours

The 3-day program is held Monday-Wednesday from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

The 5-day program is held Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 12:30pm. Check with the teacher for aftercare options and availability.

Tuition for the Rosebud classes can be found on our Tuition and Fee Schedule.