*** Position Filled***

High School Counselor

Summerfield Waldorf high school is seeking a school counselor to join our faculty for the coming school year. Summerfield is a small independent college prep Waldorf school serving students age 0 – twelfth grade. The high school counselor coordinates support for students academically and socially. The counselor’s office is a hub of connection between student mentors, the broader faculty, parents, and outside resources. The work is lively, requiring a love for connecting and communicating as well as listening and finding creative ways through challenging situations. We are seeking a counselor who has experience working in high school settings, and who understands the depth of learning and individual growth possible at a Waldorf school. Please see below for further details of the position and requirements.

About the Position

The School Counselor serves as an important advocate for how students are doing and what kinds of supports they need in order to thrive academically, socially, and developmentally. Working in tandem with the Mentors and the Class Advisors, the School Counselor helps students to communicate, advocate, and initiate to grow more into themselves with confidence and with ease. It is also their task to find their dreams and the course to implement them, to overcome academic hurdles and obstacles, and to thrive in the unique Summerfield learning environment—meeting its academic and social rigors with enthusiasm. This individual is a liaison between the student body and the faculty, and has a deep understanding of the community and is inspired to support students in achieving their highest potential.

Meetings: In general, the person filling this position is required to attend: High School Staff/Faculty meetings and All School staff Meetings; may also need to attend Lower School Faculty meetings, Admissions, and Care Group meetings.

General Statement of Duties: The School Counselor supports and implements a school counseling and guidance program that includes academic, career, personal/social development for high school students. The Counselor provides support and services to students and classes as they navigate the transition to adolescence and into High School and beyond.

Hours: School hours (8-3:30) during the school year, plus required meetings. During summer, the counselor needs to be available for staff meetings in June and August, as scheduled in advance.

Summerfield seeks an individual who:

Has Knowledge and Skills:

  • Is savvy with managing files and systems to streamline communication both internally and externally; capable of talking about Waldorf education in an accessible way;
  • Is capable of understanding the anthroposophic picture of human development and the adolescent, specifically;
  • Has a good sense for Summerfield’s gifts and strengths and maximizes those to support students and faculty;
  • Is comfortable organizing life skill, study skill, and other courses, workshops, and opportunities for students to further develop themselves and enrich their lives;
  • Is excited about college, gap year programs, and alternative paths and in helping students find what will best serve their goals and interests post-High School;
  • Is comfortable organizing college and alternative course and program events for students and parents;
  • Is comfortable using computers and database systems to manage information;
  • Is organized and can balance many competing tasks and can prioritize;
  • Is comfortable writing many emails or letters every day quickly and professionally.

Has Traits:

  • Is enthusiastic and interested in people;
  • Is good at reading people and discovering more about who they are and determining an appropriate fit for them in terms of program and post-Summerfield plans;
  • Is excited about young people and their capacities;
  • Is capable of, or willing to learn, how to track student confidential information;
  • Is comfortable asking questions and proactively collaborating with students and colleagues;
  • Is quick to learn and adapt to ever-changing working conditions;
  • Is comfortable giving honest feedback and establishing healthy boundaries;
  • Is comfortable working with several groups to ensure healthy support for students;
  • Is interested in working in a dynamic work environment that is committed to the growth of young people.

Primary responsibilities may include:

  1. General Social-Emotional Support:
    1. Meeting with students proactively, regularly, and as the need arises.
    2. Working with students who have discipline, attendance and academic problems and are referred by teachers, parents, or staff.
    3. Making necessary schedule changes for individual students that are appropriate for their educational and career plans.
    4. Conferring with individual students who have experienced a death in the family or serious illness and notify their teachers and work with Academic Counselor to make schedule adjustments.
  2. General Academic Support:
    1. Providing for all students the opportunity of either individual or group counseling regarding student academic and career development.
    2. Planning and/or promoting programs which enhance the social or emotional growth of students, e.g., Life Skills, Study Skills, and Assemblies, opportunities for student enrichment and/or remediation, scholarship opportunities, and parent informational programs.
    3. Providing all faculty and parents support regarding student academic and/or social behavior.
    4. Providing for all students a formalized program of career guidance.
    5. Attending weekly faculty meetings.
    6. Attending parent evenings as needed.
  3. Grade and Transcript Support:
    1. Providing grade guidelines for faculty.
    2. Providing academic advising services for incoming freshmen and outgoing seniors.
    3. Overseeing academic probation and other student conditional support plans.
    4. Working with the ESL Coordinator and Registrar to ensure student visas and plans are on-track for international students to graduate in a timely way.
    5. Overseeing and converting UC/CSU A-G list to SWSF classes and updating the UC/CSU information as needed.
  4. Resource Support:
    1. Consulting with and serving as a resource for students, faculty, and parents regarding needs of students.
    2. Identifying and referring students for Student Study.
    3. Working with teachers to understand students with learning or emotional challenges.
    4. Referring students and parents/guardians to appropriate school and community resources.
    5. Participating in activities which deepen the high school component of the K-12 curriculum, including Parent Education, Social Arts, etc.
    6. Evaluating and revising the counseling program as needed.
    7. Developing an assessment program and interpreting the test and assessment results and tracking accommodations and modification effectiveness.
    8. Continuing personal professional growth and development.
  5. College Advising Support:
    1. Providing information and advises students and parents on college selection and college entrance requirements and procedures.
    2. Completing necessary college application paperwork and letters of recommendations.
    3. Coordinating College Rep visits and scheduling students’ interviews.
    4. Assisting with the administration and supervision of PSAT, SAT, ACT, and other appropriate tests.
    5. Meeting with Juniors and Sophomores individually to discuss PSAT and begin college awareness.
    6. Teaching some College Prep classes, as requested.
  6. Accommodations and Modifications Support:
    1. Organizing ILP/504 and other required accommodation explanation and regular review meetings.
    2. Reviewing regularly the individual plans of students with accommodations and modifications and scheduling review and adjustment meetings with parents and students.
    3. Working with students, parents, and faculty to implement accommodation and modification plans and tracks for accuracy and success. This includes communicating before every block with faculty about modifications and accommodations for their students.
    4. Referring students to outside services for support when deemed appropriate.
  7. Class Advisor Support:
    1. Attending class meetings as invited and facilitating group conversations that allow Class Advisors to be participants, especially around the Agreement.
    2. Attending parent meetings as invited and giving insight into class dynamics and developmental benchmarks and challenges.
    3. Observing classes and getting a sense for where the individual and the whole are in relationship to the community and internal to the class.
  8. Mentor Support:
    1. Meeting with Mentors to support and hold the picture of each individual student.
    2. Facilitating Agreement Reparation activities and supporting Mentors in upholding the Agreement with their Mentees.
    3. Providing enrichment opportunities for training and support of Mentors.
  9. Social Arts Support:
    1. Working with Social Arts Group to provide insight into current trends and class and individual dynamics and help implement ideas.
    2. Organizing assemblies and special events as needed.
    3. Supporting Student Activities, including Student Council and Peer Counseling work.
  10. Record-Keeping:
  1. Keeps and maintains school records.
  2. Reviewing and annotating admissions, enrollment, and student records as needed, both in hardcopy and digitally.
  1. General Counseling Support:
  1. Keeping well informed on state laws and professional ethics in counseling with youth and of all community mental health and social agencies.
  2. Providing consultation, training, and staff development to faculty and parents regarding students’ academic and/or social behavior.
  3. Helping students develop post-secondary life plans in accordance with their interests, abilities and career plans.
  4. Continuously promoting positive relationships among students, faculty, and parents, and community.
  5. Performing other reasonable duties as assigned or required in fulfillment of the school’s goals.

Please email your letter of intention, along with a resume, to Michelle Bovard, Human Resources Coordinator at michelle@summerfieldwaldorf.org. Please also include three references (with phone numbers), at least two of whom have seen you teach.


A BA/BS. Certification or training in Waldorf education or counseling desirable. Certification or training in using databases and managing transcripts. Certification or experience of 2+ years in college or academic counseling work is a plus. Experience with UC/CSU A-G list is a plus. Interest and experience in a Waldorf school community and in working with high school aged students in an academic environment.

Physical Requirements for Employees at SWSF:

Summerfield is both a school and farm. Though we do have paved pathways between various buildings, many pathways are unpaved and rough. Some have steep inclines and declines, steps and holes.

Employees must have the ability to:

  • Stand and walk on various-density and uneven surfaces for extended periods of time and significant lengths;
  • Sit for extended periods of time, both in chairs and on the floor;
  • Use a computer for extended periods of time;
  • Squat, stoop and/or bend over;
  • Reach overhead, grasp, push/pull up to 35 pounds for short distances;
  • Lift and carry up to 45 lbs. at waist height for short distances.


About Summerfield Waldorf School & Farm:

Summerfield spans all of childhood, preschool through twelfth grade. Sprawling over 38 acres, we have one of the most extensive Waldorf programs on the continent including a fully operational Biodynamic farm and a vibrant circus program. We make every effort to educate the whole child in practical arts, movement, agriculture, social inclusion, artistic work, and a rich festival life. Our students love coming to school every day as much as their teachers do!

The school (est. 1974) is located in beautiful Sonoma County, just 60 miles north of San Francisco. We enjoy an idyllic Mediterranean climate with spring-time fields of wild flowers, hot summers cooled by ocean fog, rich autumn light on vibrant harvest colors, and wet, green winters. Sonoma County is home to ancient redwood forests, stands of mighty oak, and scenic, rugged coastlines.

Picturesque orchards, vineyards, and dairies abound. Many of our hills and mountains are still truly wild and offer hikers and bikers miles of trails to explore. Sonoma County has also become a haven for food enthusiasts, offering some of the best restaurants and wines in the world. Many local farmers are using organic and Biodynamic methods, with their bounties found in our markets and restaurants. This is the setting our students and families enjoy!


655 Willowside Road Santa Rosa, CA 95401 ph (707) 575-7194 www.summerfieldwaldorf.org