Please bring the everything into me at your convenience, but before your anticipated start date. I am located in the finance office by the parking lot. You may also return the required paperwork by mail to Michelle Bovard, SWSF, 655 Willowside Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. If I am not here, feel free just to drop it off.

Hiring Paperwork

Only the forms listed below need to be returned as noted–there may be some listed on this page that do not apply to you.

Please read the following instructions carefully and return paperwork back to me as requested.

Employee Notice: You should have received an Employee Notice or Letter of Employment in person. Please read, sign and return to me.

Employee Handbook, and Code of Conduct: Sign and return the Handbook Acknowledgement back to me.

Employee Emergency Authorization Request: Please fill out and return to me.

Form I-9: Please fill out Section 1 of the I-9 and return to me. Please bring with you the required documents proving citizenship as mentioned on page 3.

Form W-4: Please fill out and return to me.

  • W-4 (print and return)

Automatic Deposit Authorization: Please fill out and return to me.

TB Test: A negative test result is a precondition of employment. If you have had a TB skin test in the past four years, please provide us with a copy of the results. Otherwise, you will need to arrange for a skin test with your personal physician, or go to Concentra Medical Clinic with whom the school has an account. This clearance must be completed before you start work.

Fingerprints:. It is necessary for you to have a Live Scan fingerprint clearance before you begin your work. Your offer of employment is not official until we receive this clearance. A list of Live Scan offices near you can be found by clicking the link below. You may not transfer results from another company or school; we are required by the State to collect our own results. The results will be forwarded to us by the Dept. of Justice. The rolling fee you pay for this service can be reimbursed by Summerfield if you so request.

Acknowledgement of Educator’s Rights: Read the Child Abuse Educator’s Responsibilities, sign the Acknowledgement and return it to me.

Workers’ Comp Written Notice and MPN Notice: Read the Notices below, sign the Acknowledgement, and if you want, the Pre-designation form, and return it to me.
The Workers’ Comp Written Notice is for your information explaining how the Workers’ Comp system works. The Employee Notification and MPN handout is provided by our WC insurance company and explains what to do in case you are injured on the job, and describes what the MPN is.

  • Workers’ Comp Written Notice and MPN Notice Keep the handout and brochure for your information.
  • Acknowledgement (print and return)
  • Pre-designation Form If you choose you may pre-designate your personal physician to treat you in case of an injury at work using this form. If your personal physician is not in the MPN, you must obtain their signature on the form agreeing to treat you for a Workers’ Comp injury prior to turning the form into me.

Mandated Reporter Training

Mandated Reporter Training is required of all educators by the State of California. The link below will take you to the training website. When you have completed the mandatory training, provide me a copy of your Certificate of Completion, either electronically or hard copy.

For all Educators:

For all Early Childhood Educators:

For your Reference

CPR/First Aid

In addition to the paperwork, the standard is that you have a current certification in CPR and First Aid, of which I can recommend an evening class held once a month in Santa Rosa. Let me know your preference.