Why We Give ~ Annual Giving Campaign

It is part of our culture and tradition to keep tuition at a modest level, allowing those who can give more to make tax-deductive contributions, and enabling us to provide financial assistance to community members who could not afford to be here without help, but are dedicated to Waldorf education. Our tuition is low in comparison to other private schools in the area. This is part of what keeps our school vibrant with a myriad of families and experiences. Please help us to support this important mission and maintain the sense of community that makes Summerfield so wondrous. Thank you for your generosity.

Supporting the SWSF Community During Covid-19

You and your family are the greatest gift to our community. Please take care during these challenging times! We wish you good health and strength.

Forever Fund

The Forever Fund is an initiative started by the Class of 2020 to inspire alumni and alumni families of Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm to ensure the educational legacy of Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm for future generations. Join us today with a donation or a pledge to the Forever Fund!