High School Faculty


Bob Flagg, Humanities

Bob received a B.A. in History from the University of San Francisco and an M.A. and junior college teaching credential in humanities from San Francisco State University. He received his Waldorf teacher training through the Rudolf Steiner College San Francisco extension program, and has been teaching in the High School since 1997. Bob also looks after the high school campus cats.

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Jason Gross, Humanities & American Music

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Molly Sierra, Humanities

Molly taught Language Arts and Creative Writing for twelve years in both Spanish and English before coming to Summerfield. She also has taught Creative Writing at SFSU and literacy skills to adults in Sonoma County. Molly received a B.A. in English from Sonoma State and both an M.A. in English and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from SFSU. She completed her Waldorf training at the Center for Educational Renewal. Molly and her husband, Uriel, have two daughters, Nayeli and Chloe. They are very happy to be part of the Summerfield community.

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Math & Science

Jun Kong, Mathematics & Science

Jun joined the high school faculty in fall 2018 to teach Math and Chemistry along with electives in Cell Biography and Chinese Calligraphy. Jun (pronounced “June”) taught biology and chemistry for 15 years in Chinese high schools before completing a Waldorf High School Teacher Training in Chengdu, China. Since then she has completed Early Childhood and Educational Support programs at Rudolf Steiner College. She taught for two years at Highland Hall Waldorf School in L.A. before coming to Summerfield. Jun is presently engaged in a two- year program in Goethean Science with the Nature Institute in New York. Jun has one son, Haotian, at Summerfield.

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Ron Liskey, Physics

Ron has been a teacher since 2003 when he earned his Waldorf Teaching Certification at the Center for Educational Renewal. He also has degrees in history and graphic arts, as well as single and multiple subject teaching credentials.

As a main lesson teacher, Ron graduated two eighth grade classes. As a specialty teacher he taught woodworking, German, chemistry, physics and math. Ron lived for many years in Europe where he worked as a cabinet maker, married a mermaid, and became fluent in German. More recently he has been traveling to China where he mentors Waldorf teachers and collaborates on international educational initiatives.

Before becoming a teacher, Ron had a long career in print and digital publishing. He has two daughters, both of whom are Waldorf graduates.


Lorian Shick, Mathematics & Practical Arts

Lorian was born and raised in South Lake Tahoe, CA where she developed a love for nature and a deep interest in the world around her. She attended the University of California at Santa Cruz, where she graduated with a BA in Business and Economics. She immediately followed her creative passions enrolling at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, where she then earned her MFA Degree in Fashion Design.

After 10 years of working in the clothing design industry she discovered Waldorf Education, and with it, a new perspective on the ways in which she wanted to contribute her gifts to the world. She completed her Waldorf Teacher Training with the Center for Educational Renewal. Lorian then joined the Faculty at the Summerfield High School to teach Economics, Crafts, and Math. Lorian and her husband Ben have two children, their daughter Sovana attends the Kindergarten at Summerfield and their son Skyler is 18 months old.

Lorian is grateful for the many ways in which the Summerfield Community colors her life, and is constantly inspired to further develop and share her individual gifts.

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Ry Ulmer-Strack, Mathematics

Ry graduated from Summerfield in 2014. After receiving a BA in pure mathematics from Sonoma State, Ry joined the high school faculty in 2019.

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America Worden, Biology, Comparative Religion & Architecture

America attended the San Francisco Waldorf School from Elve’s Corner preschool through eighth grade (with a two-year break when her family moved to the mountains of Colorado). She was also a high school student at Summerfield itself for ninth to eleventh grades. She left Summerfield to accept a scholarship at the United World College of the Atlantic, an international school in Wales fostering cross-cultural awareness and peace-building. America returned to the US to earn her BA in Native American studies with pre-med at UC Berkeley. She has an MSc from Schumacher College in Holistic Science and an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has worked as a nature educator, field ecologist, artist, gardener and psychotherapist intern in various schools, nonprofits and wild places around the Bay Area. Formerly our LS/HS Counselor, America left to have a baby, but enjoys the opportunity to guest-teach particular blocks in the HS, including eleventh grade biology, and architecture to the twelfth grade.



Skeydrit Bähr, Eurythmy & PE

Skeydrit has been a Teacher at Summerfield since 2009.

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Foreign Languages

Isabel Vallejo, LS/HS Spanish

Isabel was born and raised in a small village in Valladolid, Spain. She received her Masters degree in Law at the University of Valladolid, then worked with the Spanish Tax Agency for more than ten years in Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo and Athens. She moved to the USA twelve years ago following her husband, with whom she has two children. She taught Spanish as a substitute at Sonoma Academy before joining the Summerfield faculty.





Olivia Wells, ESL & German Instructor & International/Exchange Student Program Coordinator

Olivia completed her Bachelors in Psychology and German at San Jose State University. She was first introduced to Waldorf education when she was a college exchange student at Tübingen University in Germany. She was so inspired by the second-grade class and Class Teacher that she observed, that she then studied in Stuttgart, Germany to become a Class Teacher, German and English as a foreign language, and PE (Bothmer Gymnastics/Spatial Dynamics) teacher at the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart, Seminar für Waldorfpädagogik – the site of the first Waldorf school.

She worked at Engelberg and Frankfurt Waldorf schools for three years as an English teacher in grades 2 through 12. Due to her impressive work with improvisational theater and foreign language teaching, she was asked to teach improvisation and drama in foreign language teaching workshops to Waldorf teachers at the Freie Hochschule in Stuttgart.

After seven years in Germany, she came back to the USA and worked as an ESL Teacher for six years at Dominican University in San Rafael in an intensive ESL program for teenagers and adults entering university programs.

At Summerfield, Olivia has taught ESL, German (in high school and grades 1 to 3), high school English and Debate, and Games/PE in grades 2 through high school. Olivia also loves to garden, hike, and has competed nationally in Germany and the US as an ultimate frisbee player.

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Fine Arts, Practical Arts & Music


Angie Brown, LS/HS Practical Arts

Angie is a practicing professional ceramic artist. She earned a BFA from California College of the Arts. At Summerfield she will be teaching pottery on the wheel and coil pots in the high school. She will teach seventh grade clay sculpture, and, together with Ken Smith, teach the clay bust self-portraits with the senior class. Angie will collaborate with Isabel Wundsum to bring acrylic painting to the eleventh grade. Stop by and say hello to Angie in the pottery!




Clint McKay, LS/HS Practical Arts

Clint is the descendant of several important local culture bearers that include the late Laura Fish Somersal and the late Mabel McKay. He is a Native speaker of the Wappo language and he also speaks some Pomo and is himself a culture bearer with extensive Native historical knowledge, not only of Pepperwood but also of the entire region. McKay is a born naturalist with a deep understanding of plant communities and traditional Wappo methods of nurturing them. He is a gifted basket weaver and he serves on the Board of the California Indian Basket Weavers Association. McKay is also a traditional Wappo spiritual leader and he is the headman of a traditional dance group. McKay has a Master’s Degree in Indigenous Education.




Barb Kobabe, LS/HS Practical Arts, LS Handwork

Barb joined the Summerfield Community as a parent in 2003. She began volunteering on the farm with the farm guild the following year. In 2006, she began assisting in lower school handwork classes, and over the years has assisted, volunteered and taught in lower school and high school handwork classes. Barb completed her Waldorf Teacher Training with the Center for Educational Renewal in 2012. Barb loves sharing her life long passion of all things handwork with the students.





Isabel Wundsam, Art & German Instructor & LS/HS Music

Isabel has been teaching for 42 years—having taught piano privately and in a music school in Germany. She studied piano with Udo Falkner and Chamber music at the Conservatory of Music in NRW, Germany. She has a degree in Visual Communication. In 1990 Isabel moved to the US. Since then she has taught music, art and German, and has worked at Summerfield since 1998 and studied under several master teachers to become a better Waldorf teacher. “Some of my most important teachers are the students whom I teach and learn with.” Since 2005, Isabel has been studying the recorder flute with performer Frances Blaker in the East Bay and performs around the Bay Area and in Southern California.





Lily Buller, Teaching Assistant

Lily graduated from Summerfield in 2018.