This video was made by Cameron Nielsen,
Summerfield graduating class of 2014,
Quest University Graduate 2018

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Interest in the World Inspires Life Long Learning

"Play is the work of childhood" - Jean Piaget

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Creators and Makers Develop Critical Thinking

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Rich, Diverse Curriculum for Initiative and Purpose

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Music Awakens the Inner Life and Enlivens the Soul

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"All Education is Physical Education" - John Ratey

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Request Information

Request our information packet and tell us about your child. We offer preschool through high school Waldorf education on our beautiful 38-acre campus and farm in Sonoma County. The school was established in 1974 and is the only school in the state with a working Biodynamic farm on its campus.

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Visit Our School

Come and see first hand the richness and depth of Summerfield’s curriculum where experiential learning builds students’ capacities. Experience a day in the life of Sonoma County’s oldest independent school, where academic excellence is cultivated and inspired learning takes place daily.

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Thank you for considering Summerfield Waldorf as you embark on the journey of choosing a school for your family. Summerfield is uniquely positioned to engage its students and faculty, creating a learning environment that fosters the awakening consciousness and abilities of students academically, socially and artistically.

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Pushing Academics in Preschool is Harmful 

A new comprehensive study of preschools across the United States finds significant drawbacks to pushing academics too early.  For children who attended academic focused Pre-K programs, researchers found that their initial academic gains diminished. In addition, they were actually behind their peers in elementary and middle school.  Another troubling finding was that students who experienced early academic pressure showed dramatic increases in behavioral issues later on.  The NPR article, "A Top Researcher Says It's Time to Rethink Our Entire Approach to Preschool", by Anya Kamenetz states:  [...]

One Teacher, Eight Years: How Teacher Looping Eases Learning Disruption

New studies show that a teacher educating the same group of students in multiple subjects over multiple years (teacher looping) has lasting benefits.    Students who stay with the same teacher for multiple school years both academic improvements. They also have reductions in absences and behavioral issues.  Teaching a child for multiple years allows teachers to better understand each student’s learning style, to work with families to help support students, and to challenge them to do their best work.  Because of the clear benefits to teacher [...]

The Greatest Scientists are Artists Too

Louis Pastuer was a painter. Additionally, Albert Einstein and Francis Arnold were both accomplished musicians. New research shows that award winning scientists are far more likely to have artistic hobbies than the general public. Moreover, many Nobel Prize Winners cite the role of the arts in their scientific breakthroughs. Creativity and perseverance are at the heart of both scientific discovery and artistic expression. That is why music, drama, visual and practical arts are key components in Waldorf education and are integrated throughout our curriculum. “The Theory [...]

At all stages of education, Summerfield’s curriculum is designed to develop not only the student’s mind but also their character. It develops empathy, collaboration, and shared responsibility between students, teachers and the world around us, cultivating openness to possibilities and a sense of stewardship. Course content focuses on giving students an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand while providing them a context to work on themselves as emerging individuals.

Meaningful Learning

Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm teaches students to be creative, critical thinkers with a strong moral compass, who are open and resilient, and can turn challenges into possibilities. This approach to learning integrates the arts with academic rigor, and experiential, hands-on activities. Students are provided with the opportunity to take risks, think imaginatively and embrace new opportunities with initiative, creativity, and resilience.

Creative, Critical Thinking

Summerfield is accredited by both AWSNA (the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America) and WASC (the Western Association of Schools and Colleges). The courses offered exceed the University of California’s admissions requirements, and Summerfield students score consistently high on SAT scores for Sonoma County while enjoying acceptance at the colleges and universities of their choice. Summerfield high school students engage in a comprehensive study of a variety of disciplines.

A Proven Path to Success

Watch this brief video to learn more about our school.

Our Programs

Early Childhood

Our early childhood program provides children with a calm and joyful experience filled with magic and reverence.

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Lower School

The lower school curriculum is dynamic and diversified, offering humanities, mathematics, science and the arts.

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High School

The high school curriculum inspires students to be active in their own learning and understand how to educate themselves.

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