Is the benefit of wireless technology, with its potential risks, worth the health of our children? Or is there a better way?

The FCC states, “It has been known for many years that exposure to very high levels of RF radiation can be harmful due to the ability of RF energy to heat biological tissue rapidly.”

They go on to say, “At relatively low levels of exposure to RF radiation, i.e., levels lower than those that would produce significant heating, the evidence for production of harmful biological effects is ambiguous and unproven.”

We must continue research into the area of RF radiation because this is the electromagnetic energy that envelopes us in the form of WIFI antennas and ever increasing wireless devices. Because this research is still in development, we must make educated choices in the lives of the youth we have been given the significant responsibility to protect and educate. In the meantime, as parents and educators we must decide what is best for our children and students while the research continues.

Burt Wolf is an American journalist, writer, entrepreneur, chef, and TV producer. He is the host and author of nine internationally syndicated television series that deal with cultural history, travel and gastronomy, including Travels & Traditions. He is also a Waldorf parent, having sent his child to Rudolf Steiner School in New York City.

He created a documentary on the effects of RF radiation, and the value of technology in the learning environment. We encourage you to watch it.

In addition to the effects of RF Radiation, Burt also discusses the pros and cons of technology overall in the education of our kids. This dovetails nicely with the films “Sceenagers” and “Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER.” 

No doubt, technology is powerful and valuable. But with great power comes great responsibility. We must be intentional with its usage in education and in our families.

Our hope is that we can continue this conversation with our entire Waldorf family.

Here is the documentary created by Burt Wolf: