Meet the DEI Committee

“The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the community the strength of each human soul is living.” — Rudolf Steiner

The DEI committee works to accomplish these goals:

  • Respond in a timely manner to DEI needs arising out of the community;
  • Keep track of recommendations and follow through with proposals;
  • Re-examine with DEI principles all festivals and curriculum-related materials offered at Summerfield. This includes but is not limited to: stories, history perspectives, religious and government holidays, plays, music, movement, field trips, guest teachers and speakers for classes, imagery displayed in classes, arts and crafts, reference materials and class readers;
  • Develop, manage and cultivate DEI programs and speaker events, in keeping with the school’s mission and learning goals;
  • Propose and schedule teacher and staff training on DEI topics;
  • Explore how to attract and retain employees who represent members of the larger society who are currently missing from our student and parent body, faculty and/or staff.

DEI Committee Members

  • Donald Basmajian (he/him) – DEI Committee Chair & Class 2 Teacher
  • Saree Heydenfeldt (she/her) – Red Rose Kindergarten Teacher
  • Lisa Hensley (she/her) – Facilities Manager & Safety Officer
  • Barb Kobabe – LS/HS Practical Arts & LS Handwork
  • Kate MacKillop (she/her) – High School Counselor
  • Kibby MacKinnon (she/her) – Class Teacher & College Co-Chair
  • Fernanda Olin – Red Rose Kindergarten Assistant
  • Shari Paladino – Teacher-in-Training
  • Saskia Pothof (she/her) – Class Teacher & College Co-Chair
  • Andrea Vander Pluym (she/her) – Class Teacher

To contact the DEI Committee, please email:


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