Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm is a top-rated independent school located on a 38-acre campus in beautiful Sonoma County. The school was established in 1974 by parents who wanted to offer an educational experience to their children that balanced academic rigor, arts and farm work.  As an established school with more than a 40-year history, we offer a deep curriculum, and are the only school in the state that integrates a working Biodynamic farm into its campus and curriculum (PS-12). 

Picturesque orchards, vineyards, and dairies abound around the school campus. Many of our hills and mountains are still truly wild and offer hikers and bikers miles of trails to explore. Sonoma has also become a haven for "foodies", offering some of the best restaurants and wines in the world. Many local farmers are using organic and Biodynamic methods, with their bounties found in our markets and restaurants. This is the setting our students and families enjoy! 

For more information visit Sonoma County's website, www.sonomacounty.com.