Sports are alive and well at Summerfield Waldorf High School. Our high school is a member of the California Interscholastic Federation, which partners our school with other independent and public schools in the Bay Area to form the Small School Bridge League. Students who remain in good academic standing are eligible to participate in any sport, regardless of experience or ability.

The high school currently fields Varsity Soccer and Varsity Girls Volleyball (fall), Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball (winter).* Each team practices three times per week at the school or rented gymnasiums. Interest in after-school fall sports is strong, with 30% of the high schoolers participating in volleyball and soccer. The Summerfield Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball teams are also well supported by our high schoolers and the typical season includes around 20 contests and a year end tournament. Students of all abilities are invited to become part of these teams.

The sports chosen for our program were picked based on three factors:

Because of our small school population, it is necessary to select a single sport for each season.

Student interest and participation drives sport selection.

Each sport is chosen in accordance with what we believed is most appropriate for the development of our young adults.

Our after-school sports program is dedicated to the development of supportive team concepts and positive individual exploration of issues associated with athletic endeavor, such as physical conditioning, time management, application of skill sets, and discovery of learning modalities. The awareness and participation of the Summerfield community are of vital importance in this process, as they provide the backbone of financial, moral and logistic support for this program.

Lower School (7th-8th) The lower school currently fields the following team sports: Cross Country, Co-ed Volleyball and Girls and Boys Basketball in conjunction with the Middle School Sports League. We have been members of this 16 team, small school league since 2007. We also offer Cross Country to our 6th graders. All of these offerings require a parent coach.

*If you are considering transferring into our high school program for your 10th, 11th or 12th grade years and interested in playing sports please contact our Athletics Director to further discuss eligibility. Email Mike Carroll at athletics(at)