All-School Administrator

Position Type: Full-time

Location: Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm, Sonoma County, California

Start Date: June 2023

Salary: $100,000-$125,000 plus excellent benefits.

About Us:

Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm (SWSF) is a PreK-12 independent school dedicated to the educational principles and philosophical teachings of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy. We strive to provide an integrative and balanced educational experience, addressing the whole child spiritually, academically, and physically while integrating a Biodynamic® farm as an essential component of this mission.

Job Description:

The All-School Administrator is the public face and voice of SWSF, and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the daily operations of the Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm. This includes providing leadership and direction in finance, operations, marketing, fundraising, long-range planning, farm management, and building maintenance. The All-School Administrator recognizes that the health of a Waldorf School arises as a balance between pedagogical deepening and innovation, social authenticity and operational efficiency and works to ensure that this balance is maintained.

The All-School Administrator will work collaboratively with Core Groups, faculty, staff, the College of Teachers and the Board of Trustees to align the school’s mission, values, and goals in accordance with the principles of Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education.

Key Responsibilities:

Leadership and Governance:

  • Serve as the ambassador of the school to the community, representing the school’s mission and upholding its commitment to Rudolf Steiner’s principles and Anthroposophy.
  • Collaborate with the College of Teachers to ensure the spiritual, pedagogical, and artistic foundation of the school’s curriculum and programs are grounded in the principles of Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education.
  • Partner with the Board of Trustees to develop and execute the school’s strategic plan, with appropriate governance protocols and a shared vision of the school’s future.
  • Steward the formation of a Governance Council within the first year of starting this position, to be comprised of teachers and individuals with a deep understanding of and commitment to Waldorf education, and with proven organizational skills, who will engage actively in guiding and shaping the daily life and long term development of SWSF into the future.

Financial Management and Fundraising:

  • Interface with the Finance Committee on the development of the annual school budget and provide ongoing financial management to ensure the long-term viability of the school.
  • Collaborate with the Development Office in designing and executing successful fundraising initiatives, including annual giving, capital campaigns, and fundraising events.

Operations Management:

  • Collaborate with the Operations Manager to oversee the school’s administrative departments, including Finance, HR, Marketing, and Admissions, collaborating to ensure operational efficiencies, enrollment growth, and a positive school community culture.
  • Maintain excellent communication with all constituents including faculty, administration, support staff, students, parents, and the broader Waldorf and Anthroposophical communities.

Farm Management:

  • Together with Farm staff, oversee the operations and management of the school’s Biodynamic® farm, including the development of programs and partnerships that integrate the farm with the educational experience of the school.
  • Collaborate with Farm Staff and the SWSF Board’s Site & Farm Committee to develop strategic and operational plans for the farm’s sustainability and growth.

Building and Facilities Management:

  • Collaborate with the Facilities Manager and Groundskeeper to ensure the maintenance, repair, and development of the school’s buildings, grounds, and infrastructure, working closely with the Board’s Site and Farm Committee.
  • Develop with the Site & Farm Committee a long-term facilities plan to address the needs of the growing school and evolving curricula.


  • Deep knowledge and understanding of the principles of Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education.
  • A minimum of 5 years of progressive leadership experience in a Waldorf school or related educational setting.
  • 5-10 years of classroom experience in a Waldorf School.
  • Experience in financial management, budgeting, and fundraising.- Strong experience in personnel and project management.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with a demonstrated ability to build, maintain, and engage with diverse communities.
  • A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as adaptability to address the current cultural issues facing schools today in America.

How to Apply:

If you are enthusiastic about embracing the mission and principles of Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm, we invite you to submit a cover letter and an up-to-date resume to Human Resources Coordinator, Michelle Bovard, by 5/1/23.

Physical Requirements for Employees at SWSF:

Summerfield is both a school and farm. Though we do have paved pathways between various buildings, many pathways are unpaved and rough. Some have steep inclines and declines, steps and holes.

Employees must have the ability to:

  • Navigate uneven terrain for extended periods of time and significant lengths.
  • Use a computer for extended periods of time.
  • Squat, stoop and/or bend over.
  • Reach overhead, grasp, push/pull up to 35 pounds for short distances.
  • Lift and carry up to 45 lbs. at waist height for short distances.

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