Parent Portal

Welcome to Summerfield's Parent Portal. The Parent Portal gives families access to information in the school's database, Veracross, and the ability to reenroll online. Veracross is one of the leading School Information Management Systems available today and is used by many other Waldorf schools and independent schools around the world. It is a state-of-the-art system that is secure and password protected.

(During the school’s annual re-enrollment period, you will see the Re-Enrollment link at the top of the page.)

On the Homescreen you’ll see the following:

  • The next five days of school events as they relate to your family
  • Recent email communication from the school
  • Portal Links, which may include the Parent Handbook, Emergency procedures, Portal Instructions, etc. It also includes a link to the My Family page (Update my Household Profile); see more info on this page below.
  • Student Classes & Reports Tab
  • Recent Class Updates Tab

Student Classes & Reports Tab

Toggle between students to see their individual information.

You will see the following information:

  • Attendance record (High School and Lower School only)
  • Report cards (High School only at this time)
  • Current class schedule
  • Current location

In addition, your student’s classes (current, future and past) will be listed. At this time, the only working option under this list is the Class Directory. (The Class Website and Class Calendar links are not active and may not contain any, or accurate, information).

Recent Class Updates

You will see the latest attendance info (if they were tardy or absent) for your student under Recent Class Updates.

Update Family Profile Tab

This is where you change/update your household info, medical info, and directory preferences. Immediate family members will be listed as Read-Only Contacts and can be edited under the Family Information section.

Family Information

Please enter info as completely as possible, even if you do not want to display it in the School Directory (you manage your Directory preferences in another section of the portal).

  • My Personal Contact Information: Edit your phone and email. If you do not have a home phone, please leave Home Phone blank—do not enter your mobile phone in the home phone field.
  • Change Primary Address: Edit your address.
  • Add/Change Secondary Address:Enter/edit your secondary address (i.e summer home) as necessary.
  • Manage School Communication: We occasionally send school communication (including emergency messages) via email and text messages, You may opt-out of either of these methods of communication here.
  • Update Employers:Update adult-member employers in this section.
  • My Children’s Contact Information:Enter your student’s preferred name (if different from their given name), mobile or work phone (High School only), or email addresses.

Grandparents and Special Friends

  • Grandparent Households:Enter your student’s grandparents and keep their mailing info up-to-date.
  • Contacts for my Children:This is where you add or edit family and friends and are able to list them as Emergency contacts. If you want to add someone to be authorized to pick-up your student, you would first add them here, and then click on the next link, Pickup Authorization.
  • Pickup Authorization:This link allows you to select from your contacts who is authorized to pick-up your student.

Student Medical Information

  • Review Medical Profile:Click to enter/edit medical info for your student. The Emergency Form in pdf format will be displayed. Please review the pdf and if you need to make changes or additions, add a new request by selecting the entry type,
  • Review Household Doctors:Edit current doctors for your students, or add new ones.
  • Review Household Dentists:Edit current dentists for your students, or add new ones.
  • Medical Notification Recipients:Allows you to select from your contacts who is authorized to be contacted in case of an emergency.

Directory Preferences

  • Family Directory Preferences:This is where you may select what Household info is seen in the Directory. The Phone referenced is your family’s home phone.
  • Personal Directory Preferences:In this section you may select Directory preferences for the adult members of your Household: Mobile and work numbers, and email.

Medical Profile Tab

This tab is the same as the Review Medical Profiletab Student Medical Information on the Update Family Profile page.

School Policies Tab

School Policies include the policies and releases you agreed to during enrollment for the current school year.

On the Calendar Page you may view your Household Calendar (those events that pertain to your family filtered by grade level), the School Calendar , and the Athletic Calendar (listing games and practices for both High School and Lower School). Also listed is a Birthday calendar, but it is not in use.

You may subscribe to your Household Calendar and the School Calendar by clicking the Subscribe Tab and following the directions listed. Toggle between My Calendars and School Calendars to select different calendars to subscribe to.

If you use Google Calendar, make sure to check theSubscribe Using Google Calendarat the bottom of the instructionsbeforeyou hit subscribe.

The Directory Page defaults to the All Families tab. You may also select a directory by grade. To select by Kindergarten or Rosebud, click on Student Groups. Other Directory tabs available are My Classes, Nearby Families (for carpooling!), by Student, and Faculty and Staff. (You may adjust your own preferences for what shows up in the Directory under the My Family tab, Directory Preferences.)