Looking for a New Year’s Gift to see us into 2021? The new Summerfield Arts Wall Calendar is NOW AVAILABLE…

After such a difficult year, it is hoped that Summerfield’s Arts Calendar will provide artistic inspiration and hope moving into 2021 for our families and for Waldorf communities around the country.

Low-resolution sample pages are shown to the right and can be seen at these links:

Front and Back cover  |  Monthly Pages  |  Intro Pages

The Calendar is full color, printed on 30% post-consumer waste recycled paper. The size is 12″x9” (opens to 12″x18”) for January 2021-March 2022 with each month having a traditional month grid.

Price: Individual calendars cost $18 plus shipping.
Order TODAY! We will mail them out to you right away.

Bulk Ordering

Take advantage of our special bulk discount rate for orders of 10 or more: $15 per calendar. Choose ’10 or more’ from the dropdown menu below to get started… or for large orders or special requests, please email calendar@summerfieldwaldorf.org.

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*** Print a Gift Card to let a special someone know the Calendar is on its way! ***

And, if you’re a Summerfield parent able to collect in person from your child’s cubby, please email Adam at calendar@summerfieldwaldorf.org to request a pick-up in person and he can refund the shipping on your PayPal order.

Why you should have this Calendar…

If you ever needed a concise illustration of what is so special about a Waldorf education, here it is! These are the ‘pictures worth a thousand words’ to show to curious grandparents, or to explain your child’s school to baffled work colleagues—a gorgeous calendar that will adorn the wall of any kitchen, home office or workspace.

Or if you just appreciate beautiful art, this calendar delivers intriguing surprises with each monthly cycle. Even those families that are wedded to their digital device for scheduling, need beauty in their lives: this publication is like a personal Waldorf art gallery that changes every month.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

“In 2020, with the pandemic and myriad weather-related events, we are finding new daily rhythms, new ways of encountering the earth and each other. When the world has changed so much that we cannot count on seasonal events to occur “on schedule”—we can appreciate anew the orienting influence of a calendar, especially one highlighting the sensitivity and appreciation for beauty, truth and goodness fostered by Waldorf education.”


Why is the Calendar coming out so late this time… ?

This incredibly difficult year made the project uncertain. The Calendar’s economics depend on bulk orders from other Waldorf schools all across North America, and with the pandemic severely curtailing in-person activities at schools, we knew that many Waldorf communities would be unable to host the Winter Faires and other events where they have sold calendars as fundraisers. 

But we had so many inquiries about the Calendar, asking whether we would be making one for 2021, as we have for the past six years, that we decided to go ahead and produce it at the last-minute.

And our wonderful printers, Barlow Printing, have produced another spectacular edition in one of their last print jobs before owner Pat Barlow (an alumni parent) retires. And they even managed to get the Calendars back to us just in time for Christmas!

Order your Calendar today!

Pay with PayPal:

Price Based on Quantity Ordered