The new Summerfield Arts Wall Calendar for 2023-24

May this Arts Calendar bring imagination to your days and artistic inspiration moving into 2023 for our families and for Waldorf communities around the country. 

Low-resolution sample pages are shown to the right and can be seen at these links:

Front and Back Cover Pages   |  Monthly Pages  |  Intro Pages

The Calendar is full color, printed on 30% post-consumer waste recycled paper. The size is 12″x9″ (opens to 12″x18″) for January 2023-March 2024 with each month having a traditional month grid.

Price: Individual calendars cost $18 plus shipping.
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And, if you’re a Summerfield parent able to collect in person at the school, please email Adam at to request a pick-up in person and he can refund the shipping on your PayPal order, and make arrangements for safe collection of your Calendar.

Why you should have this Calendar…

If you ever needed a concise illustration of what is so special about a Waldorf education, here it is! These are the ‘pictures worth a thousand words’ to show to curious grandparents, or to explain your child’s school to work colleagues—a gorgeous calendar that will adorn the wall of any kitchen, home office or workspace.

Or if you just appreciate beautiful art, this calendar delivers intriguing surprises with each monthly cycle. Even those families that are wedded to their digital device for scheduling, need beauty in their lives: this publication is like a personal Waldorf art gallery that changes every month.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

“[Waldorf schools] emphasize the importance of teaching in an artistic way to feed the imagination, to deepen empathy, and to develop freedom in thinking. We see that the practice of artistic work awakens our intelligence to the full experience of being human and is an essential way of being in the present moment, poised between past and future. New spaces can be developed through artistic experiences. New perceptions and new imagination can enter and develop in these spaces. The arts are asking us to stay open to the process, stay open to the moment in which the essence of something new reveals itself. The child learns to gently find what is important, what is essential, to develop trust in the new and trust in the unknown.

This activity and reaction in the soul is the foundational heart of our education. The Arts Calendar reminds us all of why we come to Waldorf Schools and what the interconnected and planned evolutionary span of the education from early childhood to twelfth grade means to our development as human beings.”

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Price Based on Quantity Ordered